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Who Should Own Church Building Projects? (Part-1)

September 20, 2017

Many Owners Ownership is a key motivator for performance excellence. When any action lacks an owner, quality in its delivery may be sacrificed. One of the dilemmas I have seen in many church building and infrastructural projects in the last thirty years is a lack of clear ownership for technical and engineering excellence. This is … Continue reading Who Should Own Church Building Projects? (Part-1)

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Coherent Mobility

June 15, 2017

For many years organizations have used mobile devices with small screens (PDA) to automate facilities maintenance / CMMS tasks..

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Deferred Maintenance Costs

May 31, 2017

The American Society of Civil Engineers¬† gave the United States whole infrastructure a grade point average of D. Here are the individual grades: Aviation D Bridges C Dams D Drinking Water D Energy D+ Hazardous Waste D Inland Waterways D- Levees D- Public Parks and Recreation C- Rail C- Roads D- Schools D Solid Waste … Continue reading Deferred Maintenance Costs

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Journey To Great Software

March 15, 2017

Journey to Great Software – Listen, Observe, Push, Repeat Listen When a person has worked in an industry for a number of years, they begin to build a specific and valuable base of knowledge. Like all valuable sources of knowledge, it must be continuously updated to maintain value and relevancy. Working in facilities maintenance / … Continue reading Journey To Great Software

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2017 and Beyond

November 15, 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, we, like many organizations reflect on our current year performance while also taking time to plan for the next years goals. In 2016 we made several enhancements to our Coherent Desktop solutions and introduced many new features in our Coherent Online web based solutions.¬† All of our enhancements to … Continue reading 2017 and Beyond

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