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Maximize Your Teams Operational Efficiency

Hospitals strive to anticipate the needs of their patients, physicians, and workers. Overall system effectiveness requires a collective effort of people, technology and equipment to meet this mandate. Properly maintained equipment plays a vital role in this process.Regardless of the type of facility, work requests and resources (HVAC equipment, boilers, medical equipment, etc.) need to be managed easily and efficiently. In addition, preventive maintenance procedures need to be implemented to ensure equipment and assets are being maintained effectively over their lifetime.Coherent facilities maintenance software was designed to enable maintenance managers, engineers, and technicians to:

  • Easy to Use & Deploy
  • Manage Work from Start to Finish
  • Organize, Plan, & Track Daily Tasks
  • Quickly Find Pertinent Information
  • Optimize Use of People & Equipment
  • Implement Maintenance Best Practices

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Coherent is designed to be an easy to use, effective tool for all members of your facilities maintenance team. Coherent provides each member of your team the exact information required to perform their work in an efficient and effective manner.

“Tracking costs and staying on top of critical facilities issues is never easy. Coherent has enabled us to manage our facilities with a well designed, easy to use system. Whether it’s tracking work orders, equipment, or vehicles, our entire team uses Coherent.

– Debbie L., USA

Effective Dashboards for Managers

When Managers access Coherent, they are presented a Dashboard detailing key performance metrics for all of the sites. In addition, the manager can also review the Calendar of all work items grouped by day, week and month. The maintenance manager can filter work by site, technician, vendor, equipment type, status and department.

Easy To Use Calendars

Calendars are an integral part of Coherent. Managers, technicians, and administrators use daily, weekly, and monthly calendars to track all work tasks, including future preventive maintenance tasks. Easy to use filters enable users to filter calendars by various criteria including site, department, technician, vendor, equipment, work type, project, etc.

Efficient Work Order Administration

Coherent enables work to be tracked from start to finish. Work requests can be submitted via email, web based portal, or smart-phone. Appropriate managers are then notified, and, once approved, work items can be assigned to individual technicians, teams, or vendors. When work is completed users are notified of status.

Effective Operational Queries & Reporting

Coherent offers a powerful search tool to help you quickly and easily find work items. Several pre-built queries enable you to track routine tasks with a few simple clicks. Advanced filters enable you to create your own custom filters and sorting to better narrow down your search results. Searches can easily track cost via equipment, equipment type, site, vendor, technician, department, project, etc.

Effective System Level Monitoring

The Coherent Maintenance Advisor monitors your users daily usage of Coherent. The system identifies key metrics (such as user login access, technician work completion, etc.) and makes operational suggestions to insure teams achieve desired operational usage and deployment.

Efficient Vendor Management

Coherent provides a streamlined portal for vendors to enter work performed and associated costs for individual work orders. In addition, vendors can submit bids (fixed price and hourly) for work/project tasks. Coherent also tracks key vendor performance metrics to enable the proper evaluation of vendor performance.

Integrated Help & Training Guides

Every major Coherent modules has an online training guide and on screen video tutorials to assist users with maximizing their use of Coherent. In addition, our team of dedicated support professionals are a simple phone call away from assisting you with any questions you may have.


  • Asset Tracking
  • PM Task Scheduling
  • Purchase Orders
  • Preventive Maintenance Task Library
  • Mobile Maintenance
  • Equipment Health Scorecard
  • Project Cost Tracking
  • Repair History
  • Technician Scheduling & Dispatching
  • Parts & Inventory Tracking
  • Best Practices Knowledge base
  • Recurring Events
  • Customizable Forms
  • Checklists
  • Predefined Service Categories
  • Email Notifications

Leverage Team Expertise with our Knowledge Base

Leverage Team Expertise with our Knowledge Base

The Coherent Knowledge Base enables facilities teams to reference solutions to common and complex problems previously handled by team members. The Knowledge Base enables technicians to search by categories, problems, equipment types, equipment, period, site, terms, etc. Searches can include work items specifically targeted for inclusion in the knowledge base, or all work history in the database. External documents & videos links can be easily added to the knowledge base to provide a comprehensive library of solutions for your team.

  • Leverage expertise of key technicians across entire team
  • Increase performance by quickly accessing existing solutions
  • Expand knowledge base to accommodate new solutions
  • Leverage expertise of key technicians across entire team
  • Increase performance by quickly accessing existing solutions
  • Expand knowledge base to accommodate new solutions

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