Journey To Great Software

Posted on March 15, 2017

Journey to Great Software – Listen, Observe, Push, Repeat

When a person has worked in an industry for a number of years, they begin to build a specific and valuable base of knowledge. Like all valuable sources of knowledge, it must be continuously updated to maintain value and relevancy. Working in facilities maintenance / CMMS for many years, we have learned quite a bit about facilities maintenance. Much of what we have learned has involved listening to feedback from our customers. Practicing “Active Listening” becomes more essential when you think you know all of the answers.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” is a time honored maxim that we apply to our Coherent product management process. We constantly scan products in various industries searching for innovative ways other companies use to make computer software easier to use.

Where applicable, we try to incorporate many useful features into our Coherent CMMS / facilities maintenance software suite. This process introduces a “creative tension” into our product management process features, forms, reports, etc. that were considered “done” are now revisited once again. This process can cause friction if not managed properly. Ultimately, the process can become a source of strength if managed and balanced properly.

Great coaches, teachers, and mentors all have one powerful trait in common: They never stop learning. They talk to people in their field, in different fields. They take knowledge from various sources and update their knowledge base continuously. These experts have learned that the secret to staying at the top of your profession is to always be learning. With Coherent, we have distilled this wisdom into very simple flowchart.

Journey to Great Software Flowchart

Step 1. Listen
Step 2. Observe
Step 3. Push
Step 4. Goto Step 1