2017 and Beyond

Posted on November 15, 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, we, like many organizations reflect on our current year performance while also taking time to plan for the next years goals. In 2016 we made several enhancements to our Coherent Desktop solutions and introduced many new features in our Coherent Online web based solutions.  All of our enhancements to Coherent are driven by Ease Of Use and Ease of Purpose.

One of the challenges we faced in 2016 was making sure our Windows desktop and web applications are functionally identical.  One of the challenges we revisit daily is this process is deciding when to re-architect features in our desktop application that will enhance the overall usability and/or functionality of the form.  This process has led to many minor changes (and some not so minor) changes in our desktop application. Many of these enhancements will be available in our 1st quarter 2017 release.

In 2017 we will use our blog to inform our customers of feature updates to the Coherent application suite. In addition, we will publish frequent products “Tips” which will serve as training tools for certain features in Coherent.

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